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Cheek Fillers in Virginia Beach, VA | Ageless Skin Rejuvenation

Cheeks can often lose volume as skin becomes more elastic and fat pads are reduced due to aging. Cheek fillers offer solutions for patients who have concerns about hollow cheeks, aging skin, or facial scarring. 

At Ageless Skin Rejuvenation in Virginia Beach, VA, we care about the whole person. We value your physical and mental wellness, and we offer services that are designed to address concerns that you may have about your appearance. We have cosmetic solutions that cater to every skin type. With our cheek fillers, we can offer a non-invasive solution that can provide long-lasting benefits.

What Are Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers are injectable formulations that can restore volume to the cheeks or resolve other issues such as acne scarring or sagging skin. There is a wide range of available injectable cheek fillers giving patients several different options when choosing which one is right for them. 

Some cheek fillers, such as those made with hyaluronic acid, provide volume to replace what has been lost due to weight loss or aging. We also offer biostimulators that help your body to produce more collagen and elastin, making the skin tighter and adding more volume over time. We will have a consultation with you to determine which product is best for your situation.

By using different laser platforms with different wavelengths of light, we are able to treat a variety of hair and skin colors. We use different settings to target different hair colors while protecting the skin from damage.

What Can Be Treated With Cheek Fillers?

Fill Loss of Facial Volume

When you are younger, fat pads in your temples and cheeks can make your face look fuller and more youthful. As you age, these fat pads can deplete leading to a loss of midface volume. Additionally, the decrease of collagen in your body can lead to sagging skin that wrinkles and folds. 

Smooth Acne Scarring

Acne scarring happens when not enough collagen is made by the body to restore lost tissue due to damage from acne. Injectable cheek fillers can help by filling in the lacking space or by stimulating collagen production.

Improve Facial Contours

Thicker facial fillers can be used to provide contouring for the cheekbones. Non-surgical cheekbone contouring using facial fillers can make cheekbones look higher, sharper, or more augmented.

Lift Sagging Skin

Dermal fillers can be used to address some of the concerns with sagging in the cheeks and other areas. If you have sagging skin, fillers for cheeks can help to lift and tighten the skin in the cheeks and make your face look more youthful and full. 

What Are the Different Options for Cheek Fillers? 


If you are looking for hyaluronic acid cheek fillers, the JUVÉDERM collection offers several different options. JUVÉDERM Voluma® is the most common cheek filler from this collection because it is FDA approved specifically for correcting midface volume loss. 

Restylane® Fillers

Another popular hyaluronic acid cheek filler is Restylane Lyft™. This product is designed for natural-looking volume in the cheeks and can result in a smooth and full appearance. This special filler can also be used to restore volume to your hands during the same appointment. 


Bellafill is a unique cheek filler that can provide both immediate volume and long-term collagen stimulation to restore facial volume, reduce lines and wrinkles, and smooth acne scarred skin. This type of dermal filler is made of a smooth collagen gel that is mixed with microspheres of PMMA, or polymethylmethacrylate. 

As the formula is injected, it gives the area instant volume thanks to the collagen gel. Then the PMMA microspheres create a scaffold that encourages the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This process is especially helpful for filling in lines and wrinkles and helping skin that has been scarred by acne to have a smoother texture.  

The RHA® Collection

The RHA collection is also made from hyaluronic acid. However, it is a unique cross-linked form that is more resistant to degradation and leads to longer-lasting results. RHA fillers can also allow for a high level of natural movement. These facial fillers can be used to smooth lines and wrinkles and add deep natural volume to the cheeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheek Fillers

How Long Do Cheek Fillers Last? 

The type of cheek filler that you use will determine how long the results last. As a biostimulator, Bellafill can provide results for up to five years after injections. HA fillers such as JUVÉDERM or Restylane can last for up to two years depending on the specific filler used. To determine how long you can expect your cheek fillers to last, you will need to schedule a consultation to find out which product is right for you. 

Are Cheek Filler Injections Painful? 

Everyone experiences cheek filler injections differently. However, discomfort experienced during injections is minimal. Some cheek fillers contain lidocaine, which can help to reduce discomfort. Topical numbing cream can also be used in the injection area to help reduce sensation during treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cheek Fillers? 

Cheek fillers may be a good option for individuals who want to increase midface volume, lift sagging skin, or contour the face without surgery. The best candidates are those who are in good health, have good expectations for the treatment, and are willing to have maintenance appointments to retain desired results. 

Can Injectable Cheek Fillers Be Dissolved? 

Dermal fillers will eventually dissolve or absorb over time. However, hyaluronic acid fillers can also be dissolved at any time with doctor-administered hyaluronidase injections. 

Cheek Filler Treatment Consultations

If you want to smooth, lift, or augment your cheeks, our cheek fillers at Ageless Skin Rejuvenation may be the solution you are looking for. By setting up an appointment online, you can come in for a consultation to see if any of these products is right for you. You can also call us for services in Virginia Beach, VA, at (888) 708-2685.